As essential as a Swiss army knife

A Compliant & Powerful Stand-Alone Smart Back-Office

Being very modular and fully customisable we do not impose any workflow, rather, we mimic your existing process and optimise them to achieve your goals. Enjoy the latest in RegTech!

Jurisdiction Agnostic

A single smart back-office to service your clients into multiple jurisdictions of your choice!

Automated Workflow

Enjoy the fully automated, dynamic KYC requests, AML checks, Customer Risk Assessment.

Third Party APIs

Connect any 3rd party API you wish. Connect to any 3rd party supplier via Consolidity API.

Server Agnostic

Everything runs into your proprietary servers. Works for any popular on-premises and/or cloud servers.

Work Remotely

Access your smart back-office anywhere as long as you are online.


Provide entire processes and a complete customer service within a single platform.

Dynamic Onboarding

The first impression is huge, right? Getting your onboarding fit is crucial to make a satisfied customer stick around. Early movers have already embraced onboarding as part of their customer experience strategy. In fact, as much as 60% higher profit is generated by companies prioritising customer experience. It is more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one.

We offer a seamless onboarding experience whereby customers are gently guided through each step and are not bothered by distracting noise. Each field, at any point in time, will only have to be keyed once. The usual static data from your old onboarding PDF becomes metadata subsequently used to perform any desired task.

We tailor your smart back-office to your desired processes. Thus, we can decouple the onboarding journey into two or more distinct steps. A preliminary stage followed by the complete questionnaire, in between which your customers get screened and checked against sanction lists before they can access the complete questionnaire.

Automated Due Diligence

Tell us about your risk appetite, we’ll set it up in your smart back-office. Then we implement the Financial Action Task Force customer Due Diligence rules following the result of the AML/CFT automated sanction list check. Based on the customer-generated risk score, the document library firmly requests the KYC necessary documentation for each agent involved. We integrate with your prefered AML/CFT provider (Lexis Nexis, Thomson Reuters, Comply Advantage…) to automate sanction checks and ongoing monitoring. Be it a corporate or an individual, the law is the law.

Data Entry Management

Thanks to our end-user interface, you may guide your customers throughout their entire journey while you’re into other tasks or even asleep. We know how much typos cost long and undesired delays, and we want your customers to avoid them. This is why your smart back-office may have validation rules embedded in every single field of your questionnaires and any new process submission requests. Grasp the benefit of a state-of-the-art one-stop-shop platform. Each data item entered by your customer will be requested only once and when validated, will be used in all the processes and services you offer. 

Yes, your smart back-office might save the world like bees, cross-pollinating!

Document Generation

What a beautiful invention, but what a waste of time: give Copy & Paste a break. In a matter of seconds, our intelligent engine produces the necessary set of documents that you need to successfully achieve a specific process with your customers’ data. These documents look identical to your usual template design, sometimes even better. Be it an application form, an authorisation letter, an employment contract, invoice or any other official document, let Consolidity produce them and forget copy and paste!

When it comes to collaborative documents and contracts as may be a Memorandum of Association or a rental agreement, our robust text editor will happily do the job.

Account Management

Don’t buckle up, we are bringing you to another dimension: the next level account management software. We reduce email usage by 80%. 

All dashboards are undoubtedly insightful, ours are also useful. After being notified of a new customer request, you may allocate it to the appropriate team members, even when a process is still in progress. Assign tasks to one or more employees and easily stay on the right track on Monday mornings. Each employee’s dashboard features its allocated clients’ time tracking, revenue generated and it also intuitively displays tasks and their statuses.

Account managers, officers and executives may approve or reject each customer-inserted field providing an ad-hoc causal. Manage document submissions, and one-off document requests the same way, with a simple change of statuses and relevant notifications together with the right comments. Collaborate on a contract or any written materials with clients thanks to a state-of-the-art text editor. We love third-party APIs when it comes to electronic signatures (DocuSign, HelloSign…), AML/CFT checks, and CRM if you wish to keep using your beloved one.

Chat & Video Chat

Customer experience is so exciting and became key to today’s success: editable fields on a PDF alone don’t do the job. Our chat may support customers throughout their journey beyond onboarding. Take advantage of the latest developments in RegTech to perform eID verifications to validate your clients’ identities, our video chat follows FIAU implementing procedures. Hold face-to-face meetings with your clients abroad.

Customer Risk Assessment

Do you remember what dynamic onboarding and metadata are capable of? Your smart back-office automates customer profiling, thus generating comprehensive customer risk assessments. Team members can go back to it once having received supporting documents and may amend any score value accordingly. Time logs, together with the team member’s identity and their optional remarks are diligently saved and copied to the risk assessment documentation.

Human Resources Clerk

We took the SuperAdmin one step further – we like doing that actually. We started to work on a concept we call Leclerk, the Digital Office Clerk. How hard could it be to create an automated HR/Workforce tool for all the paperwork you have to do? Well, it turns out it is quite simple if you have the Consolidity Core framework to help you out!

Our HR module handles contracts, monthly approval of work, billing, settlements, payroll and NTCO reporting. Product launch is scheduled to April 2020.

Similarly, the HR features can be added to your SuperAdmin functions whereby our engine generates necessary employment paperwork and reminds when you need to do that.


Communication between backend and frontend uses an encrypted HTTPS protocol to ensure secure transfer and communication. Private and public backends are both equipped against various threats including cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection and noSniff. The PDF generating procedure uses an encrypted internal channel that is inaccessible from external environments.

For an unlikely event of unauthorised access to a host, documents are saved in a way that makes them impossible or extremely complicated to decrypt. PDFs can be opened and read-only when downloaded from the site itself. If there is a data leak on the side of the hosting company, documents maliciously acquired would still be unreadable by the attacker.