WATCH: Interview with Consolidity asked different companies a few questions about their service. Among these successful tech startups, was Consolidity – more than a user-friendly digital onboarding platform, it is a specialised, powerful and modern back-office.

Here is what Consolidity had to say.

What innovative solutions have you implemented at Consolidity?

Consolidity comes first as a kind of virtual lawyer that then pivots into something much more powerful that we call a smart back office. Why smart? For two reasons; the first one is a fully digital back-office and the second one is automation, so automation is really the core innovation here of Consolidity. So the real breakthrough here is the automation that drives bureaucracy and compliance.

Francesco Vauban
Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

How did you manage to overcome any obstacles?

The most difficult thing was to really adapt and tailor the software for each client because one of our biggest commitments is to really tailor the software to each client’s need and to each client’s process but the biggest obstacle was really to tweak all those modular patents/patterns all those modular building blocks in the way the clients really want it and clients can be very exigent

Francesco Vauban
Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

Did you access any assistive services/incentives?

We’ve seeked assistance from Malta Enterprise for a number of initiatives and schemes that they offer. We’ve also had a lot of support from the MCST which is the Malta Council for Science and Technology. We’ve also had a lot of assistance from who has helped us out with networking, introducing us to other entities, companies and organisations that can help us further develop the product and take the business to the next level.

Ben Pace Lehner

Interview with:

Tamas Varga – Founder & CEO

Francesco Vauban – Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

Ben Pace Lehner – Partner

Alan Cini – Partner

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