Recover Your Business Post-COVID – How Consolidity Can Help?

Use this period to prepare and not only get ahead of your competition but also to do that in an efficient, sophisticated and environment-friendly way! We discuss what are we able to do during the pandemic to make the most of this current outstanding situation, how can we prepare ourselves and our businesses to the post-COVID era. We also consider what measures would make sense to retain for the times after Coronavirus.

This is our war

We all know now that we live in extraordinary times. It might be needless to say at this point, but still, we can’t emphasize this enough.

This is the closest thing here to the stories we heard from our parents and grandparents when they were speaking about living through the war. Here we have it for ourselves.

These are clearly wartime measures we have to and need to abide with – not just for our safety but for our fellow citizens’ as well – and the economy is in a state that is similar to when fighting a total war.

Only the most farsighted scientists and a group of philanthropists like Bill Gates saw this coming. They were the only ones aware of the catastrophic effects a virus might bring to humanity. And here it is.

Like most people, we didn’t see it coming, did we?

We were pushed into the middle of all this and we cannot do anything else but to stay home and wait. It’s not that complicated in itself, the complicated thing is that our lives have changed from one day to another. And many of us have found their existence threatened by the sudden change of the circumstances.



Preparing for the times after Human Coronavirus


Many of us already got tired of Coronavirus but post-pandemic business still seems to be far away. What we should do in order to help ourselves out is to focus on what we need to do to prepare ourselves for recovering our business post-COVID, find the few positives this new world situation brought to us and try to retain them for good.

Once COVID-19 is over, probably everyone will be more conscious about her hygiene habits and hopefully about the environment itself, too. We hope that all this will take us to a new level of sensibility where most of us are aware of the importance of sustainability.

We not only hope that the email footer “Please consider the environment before printing this document” will finally be respected, but we also try to help our clients to do that. We saw that we can still be close and interact even though we remain distant physically, clustered into our rooms.


Efficiency of work during and after the pandemia

And this brings us to
one of the most essential questions of this pandemic situation, the questions of working remotely:

  • How can a team, a business, a corporation or an authority retain its efficiency when team members work remotely?
  • How can the speed of service be maintained when coworkers are too distant to be approached like “Hey, you got a minute?”
  • Can we improve speed and efficiency of our business while maintaining social distancing?

We believe that the efficiency of an organization in general – at least in theory – should not be influenced by the location of team members. If required conditions are all in place and team members are fully committed, remote working can easily be more efficient than the traditional way of working from the office.

Even before hearing about COVID-19 for the first time, we saw many examples of businesses that were operating in the traditional way and underperformed heavily due to their inefficient, rigid and outdated approach. Especially businesses in heavily regulated sectors tend to be significantly inefficient when it comes to onboarding and the servicing of their clients.

But not only them. Although we have more experience working with organizations operating in heavily regulated sectors, regular businesses have similar processes and they also have to abide a long list of strict regulations. And they also tend to insist on ineffective ways of doing things only on the account of that being the way they have been doing things for a long time.


Automation and digital optimization help you to recover your business post-COVID


We believe that automation and optimization are the solutions you should utilize to grow your business. And we think it applies in general. Not only in the case of a pandemic or when preparing to recover your business post-COVID, however this unprecedented case naturally emphasizes the importance of digital solutions a great deal.

The benefits of automation


  • Automation is a great help when you have to deal with standard processes or processes that could be subject to standardization.
  • Automation speeds up processes, shortens waiting time on your client’s side and maximizes potential on your side.
  • By utilizing process automation, you are able to evade repetitive and monotone tasks.
  • And this enables you to allocate the time spared to value generation – your team will not only grow in creativity, but as you will be able to spend more time with planning the team strategy, the whole operation may become more conscious, sophisticated and effective.

Where does Consolidity help with automation?


  • Document generation in general: using your official template, Consolidity is able to generate the necessary documents for your processes in PDFs. These PDFs are being updated and timestamped when required to track changes and are stored with state-of-the-art digital security solutions.
  • Screening and compliance duties including risk assessment and providing the required documentation;
  • Workflows communication with smart notifications;
  • Fetching data from third parties via API and sending data to third party systems.

Beyond the benefits of automation, using Consolidity also enables you to harness the potential of conducting the whole customer onboarding and account management workflow within the same digital platform.

The benefits of digital optimization when preparing your business for the post-COVID era


  • Communication with zero physical contact: virtual meetings tend to be more efficient than face-to-face sessions and much shorter – if you consider the evasion of travelling, too, it’s not the same league. The integrated video chat enables you to send a link to the end-user interface to the client, so that she will be able to start the process herself.
  • And she won’t need to finish the whole process in one session as the platform automatically saves all of her entries. Therefore she’ll be able to come back anytime to continue the onboarding process until it’s finished.
  • Forget sending documents by post – you don’t even need to email them! Just drag and drop from your computer and upload them to the document library.
  • Emails by the way – forget them! Using Consolidity means that you will not need to tangle in endless and chaotic email threads when communicating with your client. In Consolidity, client communication is driven by notifications and status updates and enhanced by integrated messages and video chat if necessary.
  • Review contracts and agreements online and automatically keep an audit trail of each version with logged document views, timestamps, changes, etc.
  • Sign papers digitally with ultramodern electronic signatures – no pen and paper needed from the end-user to make a process official. Welcome to the future.

Digitalization means customization


This way of doing things also enhances the level of customization, so you don’t even need to leave your old habits or quit your processes or appearance. Instead, Consolidity tooks your process apart and then puts the pieces together once again but in an optimized way.

We discuss the details with you, then we mimic your processes digitally and automate an essential part of it to make the whole workflow more efficient. Your processes will start and end the way you are accustomed to and we will only organize the order of things following each other and cut redundancies. It will look and feel the same, just in a quicker and easier way.

In the end, you have your own smart digital back-office running on your servers so everything generated while using it will get saved the way you always did.

And by automation, you will be miles ahead of your competition and already prepared to recover your business post-COVID.

We truly hope that post-COVID is soon. Keep calm and stay safe.