May ’19 – July ’20 Changelog

V.0.9.0 - July '20

  • Module grouping feature
  • Accordion data group view feature
  • Max Entity Count (Direct Entity details view for 1 entity clients) feature
  • Multi-language registration feature
  • Admin commenting with the date and time feature
  • Document Library restrictions at the stopped process feature
  • White Labeling – Powered by Consolidity logo addition
  • Client-based email notification prototype
  • XLS export/import of process data prototype

V.0.8.0 - June '20

  • Autocomplete entity feature
  • Submission only data input feature
  • Responsive tables refactor
  • Filter, sort and search bar refactor and additions
  • Finductive going live
  • Module grouping prototype
  • Accordion data group view prototype
  • Max Entity Count (direct entity details view for 1 entity clients) prototype

V.0.7.0 May ‘20

  • New client admin logic
  • Tile and Table view redesign
  • Commenting function
  • Email Notification
  • New backend profiling and data storage (enabling sharing a user profile and data between different Consolidity back-offices)
  • New validation rules
  • Advanced allocation and delegation (filters added, differentiate saved and not saved allocations)
  • Advanced routing and navigation
  • Smart Document Generation 2.0 (group-based document generation and modification)
  • Autocomplete entity prototype
  • Submission only data input prototype

V.0.6.0 April ‘20

  • Risk Assessment
  • Client-based translation (customizable text display for contents and buttons)
  • Rule and role-based frontend authorization
  • New document generation and document back synchronization
  • Major bugfixes and design refactor
  • Tile and Table view redesign prototype
  • Commenting prototype
  • Email Notification prototype
  • New backend profiling and data storage prototype (enabling sharing a user profile and data between different Consolidity back-offices)

V.0.5.0 March ‘20

  • New client admin logic
  • Admin view redesign: displays firstly client list and within them the different submissions
  • Customizable entity list data on user and client admin view
  • Multi-stage document generation
  • Account manager allocation feature
  • Risk Assessment prototype

V.0.4.0 February '20

  • Hidden and active/inactive fields, groups, stages and document requests
  • Default hidden and inactive state prototype and release
  • Field to field dependency
  • DocuSign (3rd party electronic signature) API integration
  • Multi-stage document generation prototype
  • Account manager allocation feature prototype

V.0.3.1 January '20

  • User dashboard major frontend redesign
    • Access to the document library (= “data vault”)
    • Access to the data summary
  • Checkbox and radio button dependency
  • Client admin view facelift
  • iSpiral (3rd party AML check) API integration
  • Hidden and active/inactive fields, groups, stages and document requests

V.0.3.0 November/December '19

  • API integration with Google Docs (create content on Consolidity from
    upload on Google Drive)
  • Major frontend redesign
    • Entity tile view
    • Header and navigation bar
    • Buttons and fields redesign
    • Module selector
  • Edit entities and submission name function release
  • Manual override release
  • Delete entity function release

V.0.2.0 October '19

  • Smart organogram builder launch on
  • Consolidity client admin launch at AIBC Summit in Malta (28/10/2019)
  • Advanced data summary search function release
  • Document library sorting release
  • Multi checkbox field format release
  • Submission for a change in a user company (= ”entity”) information
    prototype (change of address, director, ownership, etc.)
  • Stop stage (= “manual override”) prototype
  • Frontend design updates

V.0.1.1 August/September '19

  • Group to group pasting user data function release
  • Predefined data group function release
  • Validation rules release
  • Document requests duplication fix
  • Smart organogram builder prototype
  • Consolidity client admin prototype
  • Frontend design updates

V.0.1.0 June/July '19

  • Launch of new backend:
    • Modular build-up for stages, groups and fields
    • Group to Group pasting user data prototype
    • Group dependency prototype
    • New stable fields formats (radio button, checkbox and dropdown)
    • Validation rules on single fields prototype
    • Extended document generation
  • Frontend design updates

V.0.0.1 - May '19

  • Backend structure of Consolidity to save user data and creating the
  • The first version of the frontend (process for user data input, navigation
    and data summary)
  • The first process mapped and prototyped – limited liability company
  • The first version of the document library (both download and upload)
  • Document generation – 3 different types of the document following user
    data input
  • Launch at the AIBC Summit in Malta (21/05/2019)

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