What are we doing now?

We let some of our backend developers count the sand at the beach but the front end is still at the front line to make Consolidity more handy and appealing.

This week we introduce Consolidty FAQ-ulty, some well-deserved answers to curious questions we have had lately from all of you. Please do not hesitate to write to us by email and ask us what you have in mind, we’ll happily answer you personally. 

You did not hear from us in two weeks, so we would like to give you some updates! To be honest, we are still in the middle of development, but with great results! Our free to use Organogram Builder, called Október31 for the Hungarian market is at the final stage: we are testing and fixing minor bugs.

That’s great news for us because we are aiming to launch the product in the first days of September. So we hope, we can present you the ready-to-use product in the next series of the Monday Morning Consolidity Updates!

Consolidity FAQ-ulty

Please welcome the brand new column of the MMCU Series: the Consolidity FAQ-ulty! In this section, we would like to answer the frequently asked question we got from our possible partners and clients on meetings and demos. If you can get through the weak pun in the name, we are sure that this will be your favourite part of the newsletter! Let’s start!

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