Hungarian Company Formation Is on the Sketchboard

There are no per se corporate service providers in Hungary as legal advising and accounting need to be separate services by law.

But at the same time some legal offices offer company formation services and they are curious about how Consolidity may change their paper-based processes.

Therefore, in a cooperation with a Hungarian law office, we started to plan the implementation of the process for local conditions.

We are currently at the product-planning stage and it was very interesting to see the similarities and the differences between the processes and laws of Malta and Hungary.

At first, the Hungarian procedure seems to be a bit more simple but at the same time it requires more work from the lawyers.

So it turns out Consolidity is a must-have e-administration tool for them and our mission is no other but to deliver the thing.

Loan Application? Why Not?

As we are building Consolidity as a business administration platform, we are constantly working on new potential use cases as well.

That is why we contacted a few brokerage firms to understand their processes and needs when it comes to administration and paperwork.

We learned that with the flexibility of our product, we are able to build a service that would speed up and simplify their work significantly.

Loan application would be quicker than ever with no personal appointment needed eventually.

With our brokerage partners we also intend to work on their connection with the financial institutes in order to digitise the whole process, eliminating paper use at all.

Pick Article for the Week

What is the point of encouraging new tech and investing into it? Well, this way you can lure the most successful entrepreneurs of the world to your country and that is exactly what Malta does and it’s already paying off.

In our Pick Article for the Week you can read about how Apple’s legendary Co-Founder Steve Wozniak found the island of opportunities with his new business idea, called EFFORCE.

The new company is focusing on energy efficiency based on blockchain – sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Find out more about the project here:

Apple Co-Founder ‘Woz’ launches blockchain company in Malta

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