Consolidity feat. Airbnb? Why not?

Some might have been thinking that Airbnb was over in Budapest as long-term leasing had been dominating the market. But as far as we see it this summer, Budapest continues to be one of the most popular capitals in Europe among tourist destinations and the services of the short-term apartment leasing company are more popular than ever before. That is why we started discussions with Airbnb hosts to map their requirements for an easy to use e-administration platform, where they can easily create and store the required documents and do the paperwork for the authorities in order to run legally. After the first meetings we are very optimistic because it seems that we have just found another case where Consolidity can provide the solution.

A Typical ‘Consolidity Moment’

Since we have been developing Consolidity, we were in a lot of situations when we said, ‘oh, if we just used Consolidity for this, how easier our lives would be!’ This week our CEO Tamás had one of the best ‘Consolidity moments’ in a Hungarian bank, when the clerk said: ‘I can’t believe I have to enter the name of the company 26 times to open a bank account!’ We can’t believe it either…

That is what happens when you start e-administration with a paper-based mindset. We at Consolidity are doing it in a different way. We always think about the result first and after that we get back to start the simplest way possible. This makes our product so special.

Pick Article for the Week

It’s hard to beat the fire truck arriving on BC from our first Pick Article of the Week but we have another top story for you.

If you have any connections to the online world, you must have heard about Face App, the application that shows you how you will age. It’s an impressive way to use artificial intelligence no question, but what about digital privacy? According to Forbes, 100 million users downloaded the app for Android and it tops the App Store downloads in 121 countries around the world so most of the people seem not to care about the risks too much. If you are the opposite, we recommend you to read the following article before you download the app – and be careful with applications in general that use your pictures, data, camera, etc.:
Face App Privacy Concerns by CNN

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