Hi and good morning! Party is definitely on. We signed our first clients and improved our front end. The team is growing and November turned out to be an assertive and exciting month.

Amazing, right? Let’s dive deeper.

We had an inspiring time exhibiting at the AI & Blockchain summit where we gathered much more meaningful and enthusiastic feedback.

Furthermore our Maltese team, which expanded, attended the biggest igaming conference in Malta counting more than 13k+ attendees, SIGMA. There, once again, we got product-market fit assertions with Corporate Services Providers but also Fintechs and a couple other industries.

We are glad to confirm our assumption: Consolidity is the smart back-office to optimise business recurring processes.

Our stand at the AI & Blockchain Summit Malta

So the kid is growing up and the party is on, we got clients too! Two of them already paid us to do their digital and automated back-office! One of them is located in Hungary, the other one in Malta. Interestingly, none of them is an actual Corporate Services Provider, which would be our primary target market.

However, we have now taken a broader scope and we look at ourselves not only as a virtual lawyer platform but really and truly as a smart back-office that can be tailored to any specific needs from the most basic processes to the most complex systems.

With a few more integrations and 3rd party APIs, we can maintain a warehouse management system, inter-bank communications and skills discovery for recruiting talents.

Exciting times.

Broader Scope, Faster Scale-up

By experiencing the broader scope of opportunities we also realised that the initial front end was not optimal. We created a new design and a process flow to accompany the different needs of different sectors, redesigned the sidebar as it was not really used.

All this work resulted in more free space and a 30% cut of the code! All of this will be released in the next 2 weeks to make us better in scaling up and iterating more and more.

Finally, we welcome Freddy Konings to the team, an added strategic partner in Malta and beyond. Freddy brings 17+ years of International experience within legal and corporate administration. Together we will reach new heights to always optimise administrative and tedious recurring tasks to make any lawyer, partner, head of the team, account manager, onboarding officer, compliance officer and MLRO life easier!

Forward and upward!

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