The Admin and Super-Admin Go Hand in Hand

While the frontend team has been optimising end-user onboarding, the first important service module of Consolidity, the backend and the project team were working meticulously to frame and engineer the lawyer’s admin dashboard together with the super-admin.

The super admin is built for the head of the corporate and/or compliance team. Thanks to this our clients will be:

  • able to manage incoming queries by delegating them to lawyers within the corporate team;
  • create accounts and links for end-users;
  • create different types of accounts within the internal team;
  • change permissions;
  • modify their own data transposed on every template if needed;

and other features described below, exciting times ahead!

The admin dashboard will be the only interface you need to give attention to when dealing with corporate administration. Within it, you will confirm your client’s data, forms generated, KYC provided, find the AML reports generated and manually end the risk report automatically initiated by our algorithm. Rolling features described below can be accessed there too.

The Road Ahead of Us

With regard to the coming months, the project manager together with the founders are planning the next steps.

First in line is the integration of an AML provider that will fetch all identity provided previously by a smart ID reader, verifying first the ID documents and then dig into every watchlist to produce an enhanced report.

We’ll then automatically regenerate the checks on a monthly basis, or more often according to your compliance’s needs. We are currently screening many providers in order to engage with the most powerful one and decrease considerably the false positive rate.

Not only the AML checks will be done automatically without you having to insert names or ID numbers but also the smart reader will notify you instantly of the authenticity of the IDs provided by your client.

Listening to feedbacks we understood how data visualisation is important and according to that the dashboard was planned to be intuitive and full of insights. The first version of the task managers had already been deployed and now we are working on an enhanced version together with a sales preview.

We are already starting to expand our service offering adding extra modules. First ones to come are MVRP and IIP applications and Gaming and Private exempt company formation. More will come towards winter!

Pick Article for the Week

When it comes to supply chain, Blockchain can often be seen as a disruptive technology. Many positive trade-offs and higher efficiency – faster scalability, high transparency, immutable audit trail, better coordination – have beaten web 2.0 standards. Here we dive into how Blockchain can disrupt the energy supply chain.

Trading Energy: Will the Brooklyn Microgrid disrupt the energy industry?

Imagine for a second buying electricity from your neighbour that produced it independently with a solar panel? What would you need? A highly secure high voltage transmitter wire and an agreement in place.

Disrupting an old school long term agreement that does not take into account price and quantity fluctuation is fortunately not rocket science anymore. A smart contract will do it, and even better than your regular big corporate supplier that doesn’t really care about your consumption price/quantity optimisation. Smart contracts have the ability to process and learn from real-time data adjusting price discovery and supply management.

Peer-to-peer transactions here demonstrate again are the way to go, together with a heavy piece of wire engineering we think it has a real potential for disruption.

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