We are a paperless company. Go green & ride the digital wave!

People are our most valuable resource, much like our family.

We nurture a collective mindset whereby we embrace constructive critical questioning, innovation, tailored service and continuous improvement. Our hard skills span from building software for video entertainment to a payment system, digital gaming, messaging platform, and we excel in soft skills like project management, teamwork and business strategy. The team is divided between Hungary and Malta which enables us to double our range of vision and opportunities.

Consolidity has, in Malta, two on-going partnerships with the law firm Michael Kyprianou Advocates and Legal Consultants and recruitment agency Broadwing together with their affiliate Rocksteady Digital Agency. Both partners support us in business development. Similarly, in Hungary we benefit from the strong partnership with Dobos & Gerlai and Partners and Sparkon Technologies which enables us to build and launch the tailored version for the Hungarian market together with extra features.

Why Consolidity



No manual paperwork needed

Lower Cost

Lower marginal customer cost


Be more relaxed, be more efficient