Simplifying Administrative Paperwork

Consolidity cuts your costs and time spent on administration by automating customer onboarding and workflows so that you can focus on winning business.

What To Expect

Core Features



Wave Goodbye to Copy & Paste and never-ending, confusing email threads. Yes, for real. We automate Due Diligence, Customer Screening, AML Sanctions Checks, Customer Risk Assessment and Document Generation.



Plug & Play by adding all your services into one single platform. Tailor your back-office to new levels by aggregating multiple modules in a single place. Boost your capacity and gain a higher trade-off by operating from a single platform.

Baby-Grade UI

We provide a simple yet very informative user interface that is intuitve and will need no tutoring to your customers.


Dynamic Onboarding

From static to dynamic, we convert data into metadata to optimise your customers’ journey and guide them to match any scenario. Add validation rules to eliminate typos, save time.


Account Management

Apple-like minimal flow lets dashboards and document libraries speak for themselves. Hello Drag & Drop, automated Customer Profiling, insightful comments and video chat.


Embedded Due Dilligence

KYC, Screening and Risk profiling have never been so automated. Set your existing procedures and risk appetite. Let the software do the math and give it your last word.


Smart Compliance

Never miss a deadline nor a rule. Let the smart back-office notify clients and perform the tedious tasks for you, again, the last word will always be yours.


3rd Party Integration

Link your workflows with third party systems using handy tools and proprietary information like AML Sanctions List and eID scanner. Going fully digital? We love electronic signatures.


Dynamic Routing

Assign clients and procedures to the right team members, even while a process is in progress. Allocate tasks to one or more employees and quickly keep track on Monday morning.

See how Consolidity helps your business

Modular System

Different businesses have different needs and services. Tailor your back-office to new levels by aggregating multiple modules in a single place. Benefit from the singularity. The data once keyed in by a customer is used subsequently on any new services request and account management duties.

Built in Chat System

Forget about emails and improve your customer support. Benefit from the latest in RegTech.

  • eID Verification
  • Customer Support
  • Face to Face Meeting
  • FIAU Implementing Procedures

Client Facing

Rid monotonous data filling and handling. No more copy and paste in your client data forms, letters and contracts. We know how tedious and painful data handling can be, empower yourself with a richer format of data entry and ethically benefit from Automation.

what we specialise in


Payment Services Providers

  • Personal and Corporate Accounts
  • eID Verification
  • Customer Risk Assessment
  • FATF Guidelines
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Corporate Services Providers

  • Incorporation
  • Licenses Application
  • Asset Registration
  • FATF Guidelines
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Human Resources & Compliances

  • Employee Management Module
  • Timesheet and Time Tracking
  • Deadline and Reports Management
  • Dynamic KYC
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Why Consolidity



No manual paperwork needed

Lower Cost

Lower marginal customer cost


Be more relaxed, be more efficient

Powered by Consolidity

We reduce their time spent on non value-adding tasks, thus improving their productivity. These companies are grasping the benefits of process optimization.  Join them!


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